“XBert has become, over the last two years, a tool for us that has given us the most profound change in how we’ve worked, more so than anything else except the transition from desktop to cloud-based products. I’m giving XBert the credit for changing how we now operate. Because of that I was more than happy to start working with them in the capacity of talking to practice owners about how it can help and support their practices”.

Cassandra Scott, Director of Laurus Bookkeeping.

Today, I’m speaking with Cassandra Scott, Director of Laurus Bookkeeping. Cassandra Scott shares her insights on efficiently using the XBert solution in your bookkeeping practice to enhance productivity. XBert is a workflow management tool that improves bookkeeping practices with quality client-data analytics, standardised workflows to boost efficiency, and reporting to optimise staff performance – transforming firms’ global services.

In this episode, we talk about . . .

  • How XBert leverages AI to scrutinise client accounting data, spotlighting over 80 potential anomalies and risks.
  • Automating routine tasks such as payroll, BAS, and bookkeeping with standardised workflows is powerful.
  • How Cassandra efficiently mapped her first 10 workflows in just half an hour, enhancing consistency.
  • XBert’s scheduling capabilities enabling the assignment of recurring tasks to various cycles, from daily to fortnightly.
  • The significance of using client notes to capture unique requirements for bespoke workflows.
  • Insights into data-driven reporting and analytics, offering a glimpse into staff performance and client engagements.
  • How customisable reporting allows practices to dissect data from diverse angles.
  • Roadmap features like capacity management and utilising timesheet data for optimal scheduling.
  • XBert has had a transformative impact on Cassandra’s practice, facilitating work with global clients.

Explore the highlights of this interview:

On Using an AI-powered Practice Management Tool

  • XBert AI focuses on quality data, process, reporting, and strategic advisory for bookkeeping practices.
  • It uses AI to analyse client data deeply, looking at over 80 audit and risk detection points.
  • XBert’s AI audit and risk detection are always on, flagging anomalies in real-time and providing valuable insights to practitioners.

How to Automate Accounting Tasks Efficiently

  • XBert can automate ABN number updates and workflows, streamlining accounting processes.
  • It also standardises client workflows with detailed process maps and schedules, improving efficiency and consistency.
  • Setting and working out the frequency of services for clients, including daily, weekly, fortnightly, quarterly, and annual schedules, and the ability to assign clients to specific schedules.
  • Leveraging clients’ notes and specific requirements, such as three-tiered multiperson printouts, providing full transparency for staff members performing scheduled work.

Bookkeeping and Workflow Automation: Detecting Data Inaccuracies

  • Using analytics, XBert helped Cassandra identify duplicate supplier payments in a client’s high-volume transaction data worth $2-$3,000.
  • Reviewing client data with analytics reveals human errors that internal bookkeeping processes may miss, demonstrating the value of using technology to augment human review.

Implementing AI-powered Tech and Iterating on Accounting Software.

  • Cassandra Scott automated 95-98% of her clients’ work using IHS automation, focusing on recurring tasks like IAS, payroll, and bookkeeping.
  • She is now reviewing and refining her automations to cover the remaining 2-5% of work, including end-of-financial-year processes and STP finalization.
  • Empowering teams to define and write down processes in XBert, with regular peer reviews to maintain consistency.

Leveraging Technology for Bookkeepers and Accountants

  • Cassandra streamlines workflows with automation and gains team clarity and engagement.
  • The importance of using data to improve fixed-fee proposals, with Cassandra sharing insights on how to track staff performance and identify roadblocks.
  • The system provides detailed analytics on payroll, employee base, and client-staff interactions, giving insights into areas for improvement.
  • Bookkeepers and accountants should ensure workflows are followed and updated in their accounting practice, focusing on setting a culture of quality and consistency.

Main Benefits for Accounting and Bookkeeping Firms

  • Firms will benefit from improved visibility and reporting capabilities.
  • The system provides various reports and analytics from different perspectives, including client and practice levels, allowing for more informed decision-making.
  • Clients can be removed from XBert at any time.
  • Obtaining an ability to integrate with Xero Practice Manager, providing a top-down view of a practice’s operations and identifying areas for improvement.
  • XBert streamlines practice management by leveraging client collaboration and real-time notifications.
  • Cassandra Scott discusses the benefits of a new reporting system, including improved visibility into staff and client performance.
  • Using the Timesheet report to pull out monthly/weekly time spent on each process for client billing, and then filtering by client and staff member.
  • Cassandra also highlights the Fast Track onboarding program for XBert, a supported onboarding process that includes training and post-go-live support, currently 75% off for a limited time.

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