“I think mapping the business process as soon as possible is very useful. Investigate as you explore the solutions presented today and what options might be for your business. It’ll help you map your business needs from the software”.—Matthew Peng, Founder of Business Continuum.

“I believe life happens for me, not to me. This change has been forced upon us. But choose to see it as something that can happen for us to make our businesses better”.—Heidi Seal, Ops Consultant at Business Sense Consulting (NZ).

I’m sharing a webinar I hosted on behalf of Projectworks and WorkGuru. The webinar provides an overview of alternatives to WorkflowMax by Xero as it reaches end-of-life on June 26, 2024.

The panellists who joined me were:

The panellists discussed the triggers for change, comparing the features of the two solutions. They explored how each platform caters to different industries. The expert implementers shared case studies of successful migrations, highlighting challenges and opportunities clients faced. The presentation covered developing a migration strategy, including exporting data, mapping business processes, and change management. Attendees learned about assessing potential solutions by considering key questions, desired outcomes, and post-go-live improvements. The session emphasised preparing early by testing new platforms and leveraging experienced partners for a smooth transition. The webinar helped attendees understand options for transitioning from WorkflowMax by Xero to Projectworks or WorkGuru.

Here are four key takeaways from the podcast:

  • See the change as an opportunity to improve your business rather than something being forced upon you. Choose to see it as something that can happen for your business.  Heidi Seal Ops Consultant at Business Sense (NZ)
  • Take this opportunity to relook at your business processes and see where improvements can be made as well as what’s working well. Matthew Peng Founder at Business Continuum
  • Go into WorkflowMax and do a full data download. As soon as the original WorkflowMax turns off, there is currently no way for you to export the data and go to a different system. Matt Hayter, Co-Founder at Projectworks
  • Work with professionals like Heidi Seal, Matt Pang and others. Their experience will make the transition process much easier for you and your clients. Tony Harcourt, Co-Founder at WorkGuru.

Contact Details:

Heidi Seal Ops Consultant at Business Sense (NZ)

Matthew Peng Founder at Business Continuum

Matt Hayter Co-Founder at Projectworks

Tony Harcourt Co-Founder at WorkGuru