Hello! We’ve handpicked our top most-clicked reads and listens from the Accounting Apps newsletter during April ‘24  just for you:

This App Will Answer ANY QUESTION About Your Accounting Firm (Canopy Insights) | (Jason Staats)

Canopy Insights enhances cloud practice management by allowing users to input data queries in plain English through its AI-driven interface. The platform is continuously evolving. Watch Jason’s video explaining how to learn more about the platform.

Developing a Migration Strategy from WorkflowMax by Xero | (Accounting Apps Podcast

Tune into this enlightening podcast, where experts discuss the intricacies of developing and managing a migration strategy from WorkflowMax by Xero.

Financial Services Competition to Suffer Under AI Rollout | (Accounting Times

Explore the potential challenges that the deployment of AI technology might mean to competition within financial services. An essential read for those looking to stay ahead.

What Is Out Of Scope Work — And How To Avoid It | (Ignition Blog

Discover strategies to identify and prevent out-of-scope work, ensuring your projects stay profitable and within boundaries. A must-read for consultants and service providers.

How to Track Business Budgets Effectively | (MinuteDock Academy)​​

Valuable tips on tracking business budgets with precision. MinuteDock presents recommendations for businesses aiming to optimize their financial planning.

How to Manage Client Onboarding and Relationships | (The Woodard Report)

Enhance your client onboarding process and cultivate stronger relationships with this insightful article. Perfect for professionals seeking to elevate their client engagement strategies. 

How Secure Are Password Managers for Accountants Really? | (Practice Protect

Learn about the critical role password managers play in securing practice data and ensuring compliance with industry security standards.

75% of Mid-Market Companies Say They Will Invest in AI Over Next 5 Years | (CPA Practice Advisor

Survey reveals that 75% of mid-market companies plan to invest in AI over the next five years. Read about the trends and implications for the industry.

Unleashing the Power of AI: Mindbridge’s Approach to Anomaly Detection | (MindBridge

Find out how Mindbridge leverages AI to boost anomaly detection in financial audits. This article explores the shift from conventional analytics to a robust methodology. 

How Natalie Lennon CA Became TikTok’s Tax Titan | (Acuity Mag)

Meet Natalie Lennon, a Chartered Accountant who’s making waves on TikTok. Acuity Magazine explores how she blends her financial expertise with social media to engage and educate a broader audience.

Which one of these highlights have you enjoyed the most during this month?