Netgain is a company that builds accounting applications that integrate with ERP software like NetSuite. Their focus is on automating repetitive back office accounting tasks to save time for accountants. Some of the main applications they build include products for fixed assets, leasing, loans, and month-end close processes. Their applications are fully embedded within the ERP software rather than being separate integrations, so they leverage the functionality of the ERP and have a similar user interface.

Recently I was engaged to record two videos with the team at Netgain.

The first video provides an overview of the accounting applications built by Netgain. Netgain specialises in automating repetitive back office tasks through applications that are fully embedded within ERP software like NetSuite, or standalone applications.

The video includes demonstrations of Netgain’s flagship products including their Net Assets application for fixed asset management, Net Lease for lease accounting, Net Loan for loan processing and amortisation, and Net Close for month-end close processes.

Features covered include automated depreciation schedules, renting and billing capabilities for asset rentals, matching loan amortisation schedules down to the cent, flex analysis for trend analysis, auto-reconciliation of cash balances using bank feeds, and more.

Save Time & Simplify Accounting with Netgain’s ERP-Embedded Apps


The second video “Exploring NetLease: A Guide to Simplifying Lease Accounting” 

In this video we dive into the functionalities of NetLease, a robust tool designed to help professionals navigate the complexities of lease accounting standards such as AASB 16, IFRS 16, ASC 842 and GASB 87. This video provides a detailed look at how NetLease enhances lease management and compliance for accounting firms.

Exploring NetLease: A Guide to Simplifying Lease Accounting