“AI is there to drive the human touch. If you’re using it correctly, your human touch will only improve your relationships with your clients and employees. Everything will improve as that goes on.”

– Samuel Green, UK Partnership Account Executive of Employment Hero.

Today, I’m bringing you the second podcast in a three-part series of interviews I did at the Festival of Accountants and Bookkeepers.

In this episode, I’m debating Samuel Green, UK Partnership Account Executive of Employment Hero, on AI vs the human touch in accounting:

  • I highlight how the human touch is crucial for customer service and empathy, while Samuel emphasises AI’s potential for efficiency and insights  
  • We both agree AI can streamline repetitive tasks, but human oversight is still needed
  • Attendees question how AI will evolve and what to consider when choosing software
  • We find consensus that selective AI use can enhance but not replace the human experience in client relationships
  • Find here a write-up from the debate: AI and the case for the human touch

I was impressed with Samuel’s well-thought-out debate. I over-prepared for it, researching the structure and preparing notes for both sides of the argument and counter-arguments. I used ChatGPT to gather positive arguments and counter-arguments to further research and amplify my points.

To entertain the session, I dubbed myself Sarah Connor and referred to Samuel Green as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator. The audience loved the battles, and it challenged my mind.