“I’m a big fan of G-Accon. I love that tool. It’s such a beautiful little connector that we pull lots of data out. We use it with Google Sheets. The creatives love Google Sheets, and they love Xero. So to link those two up and then manipulate those into our own models is a massive win for us.”

– Sarah Lawrance, Founder & CEO of Hot Toast.

Today, I’m speaking with Sarah Lawrance, Founder and CEO of Hot Toast. In this episode, we discuss. . .

– Her journey from a childhood fascination with business to becoming a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) and founding her firm Hot Toast.

– Her formative career experiences in Australia, London, fast-growth startups, and inspiration for starting her own business.

– Describing her role as a CFO for rapidly growing businesses, helping clients scale through advisory services, reporting, and finance team development.

– Integrating technologies like G-Accon and SYFT to deliver data insights and see AI and machine learning opportunities.

– Pioneering and supporting women when she started her own women’s soccer team. The team has since expanded to over 100 members in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.

– How she co-founded the Global Women’s Accounting Influencers community, frustrated by a lack of female board opportunities.

– Mentoring the next generation, leveraging networks, and the power of community in the accounting industry.