This May brightest are here. Find the most-clicked reads from the Accounting Apps newsletter for May ‘24:

Excel vs Software Battle: Fighting It Out Over the Future of Accounting Tech | (Accounting Apps Podcast)

Explore the ongoing debate between traditional Excel use and modern accounting software. This podcast’s pros and cons guiding you towards what’s best for your business’s future.

How Synder Saves 40+ Hours Monthly on Accounting for TJAYZ and Helps Them Connect Customers to Culture | (Synder Blog

Want to save countless hours each month? Discover how Synder’s automated solutions are streamlining accounting processes. A must-read to enhance efficiency.

Making the Leap to Digital | (AB Magazine

From traditional accounting practices to digital prowess. This article provides practical tips for firms ready to make the digital leap.

New: Enhanced Actuals vs. Budget Reporting | (Fathom Blog

Fathom has introduced new enhancements to its actual vs. budget reporting features. Learn more about how these improvements can help you gain sharper financial insights.

I Love Meeting Fans | (Heather Smith LinkedIn)​​

Heather shares her latest thoughts on the intersection of accounting and technology. She had the chance to meet with Anthony Drury at the Xero Brisbane offices and have a productive conversation.

Zero-hassle Consolidations With Intercompany Eliminations by G-Accon for Xero | (G-Accon Blog)

Understand the benefits of G-Accon for consolidations. This article shows you how to manage intercompany eliminations effectively, streamlining complex accounting tasks. 

5 Ways to Get Started Using AI in Accounting Now | (Etani AI Blog

Dive into artificial intelligence in accounting with these five practical starting points. A feature essential for those looking to integrate AI into their accounting processes.

Nailing the Niche: Strategies to Attract, Advise, and Retain Construction Clients | (The Woodard Report

Specialise your CAAS practice with strategies focused on the construction industry. This article offers targeted advice for attracting and retaining niche clients.

Beyond the Buzzwords: How AI Delivers Tangible ROI for Finance and Audit | (MindBridge Blog

CFOs should use AI to enhance financial oversight and operations. MindBridge will present its AI advancements at the Gartner CFO Conference, focusing on innovative financial management solutions.

Product Update April 2024 | (Employment Hero Blog)

Check out the latest product updates from Employment Hero, designed to enhance HR and payroll processes in your organisation. Stay up-to-date with the newest features.

Which one of these highlights have you enjoyed the most during this month?