The Cloud Stories podcast shares the stories behind the people who build or use Cloud Apps that extend the capability of online accounting software. It explores:

How to implement and integrate Cloud Apps with online accounting software to automate processes, improve productivity, and profitability;
How to build a business developing Cloud Apps;
How to adopt Cloud Apps, build your own preferred tech stack, and introduce Cloud Apps to your client base.

Why This Job-Costing Solution Comes With Branded Baby Swag | Tony Harcourt

"We’re a job-costing platform in that our underlying goal is to give people real-time profitability data on their jobs. Not field service jobs, not plumbing jobs, going out and doing 10 jobs in a day, but projects, workshops, engineering factory jobs, where you want to track the margins on the time that you’ve spent, [...]

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You no Longer Have to Grow Alone | Bryan Williams

"Partnerships are a two-way component, add more value to your clients, but in return, if you can accelerate clients coming back to you then that’s a good news story for a lot of firms". – Bryan Williams, Honey Stick Advisory Today I’m speaking with Bryan Williams, Founder of Hockey Stick Advisory. In this episode, we talk [...]

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Unlocking Potential With Digital Transformation | Sabby Gill

"We think there’s a huge opportunity and I think there’s a real opportunity of adopting technology to make some of those potential technology changes that will help bookkeepers and practices in the future". – Sabby Gill, Dext. "We’re already seeing from surveys that accountants are recognising how much technology can potentially improve the effectiveness [...]

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Compliance Plus Conversations Equals Advisory | Will Buckley

"Compliance is that foundation, but the quality of conversation is the opportunity to play that connective tissue piece so that the business owners absolutely get the information that they need to continue to take those steps forward. I don’t think they get that from compliance specifically. It is the conversation and the trusted insights [...]

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An Expert Shares Secrets 🤐 to an Optimised eCommerce Tech Stack | Kelly Gonsalves

"With e-Commerce technology, you have to be open-minded. But try not to be so easily intimidated by it, because it’s definitely something that can be figured out. Understand that e-commerce customers are already into running their business a certain way by the time they come to us." – Kelly Gonsalves, Totally Booked. Kelly Gonsalves [...]

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Raising Standards, Raising Knowledge, Raising Prices in the Bookkeeping Industry | Cassandra Scott

"One of the gold positives out of this pandemic has been a stronger collaboration between the accounting and the bookkeeping community. I've seen this strengthening of the accounting and the bookkeeping community as a whole, which is continuing as well. And it's now starting to gain its own momentum." – Cassandra Scott, Laurus Bookkeeping. [...]

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Reinventing Forecasting & GSheets Integration Served With Chilled Tea Leaf 🍵 Vodka | Geoff Baker

"We believe that we've reinvented a better way to forecast. So this is a three-way longer-term forecasting. We won't help you work out if you're gonna meet payroll at the end of the week, but we will help you work out if you can afford to open a new location or hire a new [...]

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Don’t Sell Your Time ⏰, Make Them Subscribe to Your Mind | Kelly Gonsalves

"I always say it takes time. It's more of a race, not a sprint when you're building content and you're putting everything online. You're not going to start to move up until they see that it's consistent." – Kelly Gonsalves, Totally Booked New York Today I’m speaking with Kelly Gonsalves, Founder & Chief Visionary [...]

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📺 Start Up TV: WeCrashed, The Dropout and Real Stories From the Accounting Eco-system

Start Up TV: WeCrashed, The Dropout and Real Stories From the Accounting Eco-system The Tech Buzz May 22 has just been released. Search and subscribe to Cloud Stories on your favourite podcast listening device today! This Accounting Innovation and Technology Buzz for May 22 has as Special Guest, Trent McLaren, Head of Strategic Channels [...]

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BizTech Landscape: 2021 Reflections 2022 Predictions | Matt Paff

"I'd like to think of myself as strong opinions loosely held, right? So, I used to be the guy that was strong opinions, strongly held, but as I've gotten older I've become more wise and I'm happy to be challenged on my thinking. And so, what I try to do with my blogs is [...]

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