The Cloud Stories podcast shares the stories behind the people who build or use Cloud Apps that extend the capability of online accounting software. It explores:

How to implement and integrate Cloud Apps with online accounting software to automate processes, improve productivity, and profitability;
How to build a business developing Cloud Apps;
How to adopt Cloud Apps, build your own preferred tech stack, and introduce Cloud Apps to your client base.

An Inventory Nerd Solving Complex Problems with Simple Solutions

Jeri Wambeek co-founder of Which Add On - An inventory nerd solving complex problems with simple solutions.     Heather Smith:             Jeri, let's start with a fun question. What TV show would you like a guest role on and why? Jeri Wambeek:              Okay. Does it have to be a TV show, or can it be [...]

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Building a better world at work

Interview with Ben Thompson CEO Employment Hero  Heather Smith:                  Thank you so much for joining us, Ben, on the Cloud Stories Podcast. Can I start by asking you, who is a historical figure you'd like to have coffee with? Ben Thompson:                Well, I'm about two-thirds of the way through a biography on James Cook. [...]

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Reducing fraud and improving supplier relationships through digital approval workflows

 Today I am speaking with Martin Peirce from Zahara Software. Heather:        Martin, you're based in Bath. Can you share with our listeners, who may visit your beautiful, historic city as a tourist, where do you recommend they go for a drink? Martin:           That's a really good question. I always start the evening in a [...]

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Vote 1 For the Power BI Data Party

Today I am speaking with Cameron Lynch. Cameron is a Chartered Accountant and the founder of the Etani Business Platform. He believes he can help businesses survive and prosper in today’s disruptive environment. Cameron is experienced with Business Intelligence (BI), Analytics, Big Data and implementing cloud-based solutions to streamline reporting systems.Live data has a significant role [...]

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What are cloud-based app solutions? My interview on the Tax Wrap podcast.

I was interviewed about Accounting Technology on the Tax Wrap podcast. Steve Burnham and I talked about: What are cloud-based app solutions? Can you compare traditional accounting software and cloud-based software? What are some business intelligence tools that a practice can make use of? With the cloud-based solutions, are there some SMSF or compliance tools [...]

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Chris Hooper – World’s First Accounting Futurist

My name is Chris Hooper, and I'm the C.E.O. of Accodex, which is a market network for freelance accountants. Heather Smith:        Excellent. Thank you. And I am glad to hear you pronounce it, Accodex. Because that's not how I would have pronounced it. When did you know you wanted to be an accountant? Chris Hooper:          [...]

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Laura Venables – Flipping the Australian Accounting conference model on its head

My name's Laura Venables, I'm the event director of AccounTech.Live and Accounting Business Expo. What does that really mean? A whole heap of things really. We are the facilitators of these two great exhibitions and conferences. As you know, they're both a pretty new style of event to the market in the last recent years.  [...]

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Colin Hewitt – Building a cashflow forecasting solution that the business owners can rely on

I'm Colin Hewitt. I'm the CEO and co-founder of Float, which is a cash-flow forecasting piece of software that helps small businesses. Heather Smith:          Sensational. So we last spoke, it seems like, four years ago on the podcast, when the podcast was new. And you had ... Float had been in business I guess a [...]

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Clayton Oates – an Accounting Technologist embracing symbiotic relationships with software providers

Heather Smith:        Thank you so much, Clayton, for being on Cloud Stories with me and our listeners today. I'd like to start off by asking you, Who are you and what do you do? Clayton Oates:         Wow, that's a great question. First of all, thank you so much for having me on the show today, [...]

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