The Cloud Stories podcast shares the stories behind the people who build or use Cloud Apps that extend the capability of online accounting software. It explores:

How to implement and integrate Cloud Apps with online accounting software to automate processes, improve productivity, and profitability;
How to build a business developing Cloud Apps;
How to adopt Cloud Apps, build your own preferred tech stack, and introduce Cloud Apps to your client base.

Unlocking your untapped capacity using cloud applications | Amy Holdsworth

You can't be half pregnant. If you're going to adopt new software, new processes, new procedures, then damn well do it. Don't just kind of go halfway through the process and not actually change your mindset and your processes and procedures as well. If you're going to put in new software, look at everything, [...]

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Common traits of successful modern accountants and bookkeepers | Luis Sanchez

Some of the best Accountants and Bookkeepers are extremely opinionated. They challenge the hell out of their clients and so I'll put it very simply and this is just something I've heard just many, many times over: accountants and bookkeepers who go into a new prospect conversation going "I use this solution, and this [...]

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Living up to the critical role of “Recession-Proof Accountant” | Will Lopez

The two terms that came out of the Great Recession here in the US were 'Flat is Up', and the 'Accountant Recession' or the 'Recession-proof Accountant'. Flat is Up meant that accounting firms during that period were able to achieve flat growth year over year even though their workforce was eliminated by 40%. They [...]

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Tackling the challenges Accounting Apps face navigating Covid 19 | Nick Houldsworth

I think there's challenges, significant challenges, but any big kind of shift like this also creates opportunities. So, being ready for those opportunities, but also being realistic about some of the challenges that we have to face. And we don't know where we're at in the journey right now. It's kind of like a [...]

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How to create a scalable modern firm that can sell | Ryan Lazanis

"I mandated across the firm what type of clients we would work with, the personalities of those clients, the technology that was used, and the core service offering. So, that allowed us to standardise pretty much everything. I think that's the secret." Ryan Lazanis Today I’m speaking with Ryan Lazanis Founder of Future Firm [...]

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Playing the cloud game: how a computer game designer turned accountant built an app to transition his practice to the cloud | Paul Murray

Xero have been the first to say we're going to create a ecosystem and we're going to have an open API and you're going to be able to do all this cool stuff. But historically, that was never the case. Everyone lived in their silos. So for us now to all start talking together [...]

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Lance Rubin – Decision making the art and science of finding value

We're going to run out of cash in five months time. So what do we do to avoid that situation? Because if we have to go into liquidation and start up again, that's a lot of pain. Staff are going to lose our jobs. We're going to lose our company. It's not going to [...]

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Natalie Lennon – Starting and running a 100% cloud-based practice

When a client comes in. We'll say, look what apps are you using? What's the workflow? What's happening there? Can we automate? And we either try and do it ourselves, I'm encouraging the team to research and be able to help. Or, if it's too much, let's say for example, we've got someone who's [...]

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Michael Ly – A serial entrepreneur, building businesses, navigating cultural differences, and always learning

As an entrepreneur, you have to get really good at selling what you envision you want to provide and what you envision your ideal clients are going to be and your services are going to be, and not what you think you as the accountant or the founder can do. And I think that's [...]

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David Cristello – Building a practice workflow solution to solve the problem of client work falling through the cracks

Jetpack Workflow was really built to solve the problem of client work falling through the cracks. When I was talking with people, firm owners, they said, well, we have hundreds or thousands of recurring deadlines and due dates, payroll schedules and bookkeeping schedules, tax schedules, CFO schedules, and even with a small firm, that becomes [...]

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