The Cloud Stories podcast shares the stories behind the people who build or use Cloud Apps that extend the capability of online accounting software. It explores:

How to implement and integrate Cloud Apps with online accounting software to automate processes, improve productivity, and profitability;
How to build a business developing Cloud Apps;
How to adopt Cloud Apps, build your own preferred tech stack, and introduce Cloud Apps to your client base.

Researching an App? How Accountants/Bookkeepers Charge Their Time ⌚ | Postcard

Postcards are short current episodes, addressing a topic that currently interests me, host - Heather Smith. In the App Advisory Mastermind group, someone asked how to charge for your time in scoping App Advisory, when the client kept changing their mind about what they needed. In this postcard, I talk about how I approach [...]

2021-08-02T16:17:13+10:00July 8th, 2021|0 Comments

Makers 🆚 Managers: The Battle Over Remote Work | Postcard

Postcards are short current episodes, addressing a topic that currently interests me, host - Heather Smith. In today's postcard, I share an article that resonated with me, from the Todoist blog post written by Fadeke Adegbuyi. Makers vs Managers: The Battle Over Remote Work Managers want to go back to the office. Employees aren’t [...]

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Delivering Practice Management Solutions for Professional Services | Celso Pinto

"So for us to be able to find the right positioning, what we want to do, and having it resonate with our target customers, that made all the difference". – Celso Pinto, Pixie. Today I'm speaking with Celso Pinto Founder and CEO of Pixie. In this episode, we talk about . . . Life [...]

2021-06-17T15:39:37+10:00June 17th, 2021|0 Comments

An Australian-built Business Streamlining Payroll and Employee Management | Jon Arrigo

"The idea was to try and eliminate as much of the unnecessary work as possible via automation. That’s really where Microkeeper hats were.  Having the ability to be able to do all of this managing in one platform and do it quickly". – Jon Arrigo, Microkeeper. Today I’m speaking with Jon Arrigo co-founder and [...]

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A Female Fintech Entrepreneur Transforming Technology | Amreeta Abbott

"I’m really big on communication. You have to have 'the conversation'. I think too many people hide behind compliance and don’t actually engage and you need this guidance. I think if we can identify where there are some weaknesses and strengths within a business, you either harness one or you help to improve the [...]

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App Advisory for Accounting Professionals | Kellie Parks

"Communication is a key piece. Keeping it consistent, keeping it on brand, keeping it meaningful and actionable to the client." – Kellie Parks, Calm Waters Cloud Accounting. Kellie Parks Cloud Accounting Aficionado of Calm Waters Bookkeeping joined me and we: Explored App Advisory Hear about the extensive collection of process and workflow templates Kellies [...]

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Building a Reconciliation Solution for eCommerce Businesses | Shopify Stripe Square | Michael Astreiko

"It's our main goal to make reconciliation possible. It's not only about having the right inventory but also having the right cash flow and your accounts perfectly reconciled." – Michael Astreiko, Synder. Michael Astreiko CEO of Synder joined me to talk about . . . Delve into Physics and Maxwell's equations which form the foundation [...]

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How to Double Your Clients’ Profits in 5 Easy Steps | Aynsley Damery

"We've created simplicity in numbers. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication as a great designer once said. And so everything about that is stripping back the complexity of business, making it easier for small business owners to understand their numbers and how to do better." – Aynsley Damery, Clarity Aynsley Damery Founder and CEO of [...]

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Never Talk Directly to Clients About Cash Flow, and Other Secrets From the Cash Flow Queen | Martha Yasso

"Clients value that. They will pay for that person that's going to listen and provide... That's all your clients want, they want it off their plate, and that's freeing. That gets them focused again on what they need to do, which is their creativity." – Martha Yasso, Yasso Books Today I’m speaking with Martha [...]

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