The Cloud Stories podcast shares the stories behind the people who build or use Cloud Apps that extend the capability of online accounting software. It explores:

How to implement and integrate Cloud Apps with online accounting software to automate processes, improve productivity, and profitability;
How to build a business developing Cloud Apps;
How to adopt Cloud Apps, build your own preferred tech stack, and introduce Cloud Apps to your client base.

Playing the cloud game: how a computer game designer turned accountant built an app to transition his practice to the cloud | Paul Murray

Xero have been the first to say we're going to create a ecosystem and we're going to have an open API and you're going to be able to do all this cool stuff. But historically, that was never the case. Everyone lived in their silos. So for us now to all start talking together [...]

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Lance Rubin โ€“ Decision making the art and science of finding value

We're going to run out of cash in five months time. So what do we do to avoid that situation? Because if we have to go into liquidation and start up again, that's a lot of pain. Staff are going to lose our jobs. We're going to lose our company. It's not going to [...]

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Natalie Lennon – Starting and running a 100% cloud-based practice

When a client comes in. We'll say, look what apps are you using? What's the workflow? What's happening there? Can we automate? And we either try and do it ourselves, I'm encouraging the team to research and be able to help. Or, if it's too much, let's say for example, we've got someone who's [...]

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Michael Ly – A serial entrepreneur, building businesses, navigating cultural differences, and always learning

As an entrepreneur, you have to get really good at selling what you envision you want to provide and what you envision your ideal clients are going to be and your services are going to be, and not what you think you as the accountant or the founder can do. And I think that's [...]

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David Cristello – Building a practice workflow solution to solve the problem of client work falling through the cracks

Jetpack Workflow was really built to solve the problem of client work falling through the cracks. When I was talking with people, firm owners, they said, well, we have hundreds or thousands of recurring deadlines and due dates, payroll schedules and bookkeeping schedules, tax schedules, CFO schedules, and even with a small firm, that becomes [...]

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People, Processes, Technology, Data – essential elements of a sustainable business

We've got some clients that have been going with us for over six years now and their team members are equally as good as any manager in Australia because they've been working for six years. One of our clients moved their Philippines team member who was doing SMSF work to Australia to be the [...]

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An Inventory Nerd Solving Complex Problems with Simple Solutions | Jeri Wambeek

The biggest thing is time savings, and then, of course, if you're paying people by the hour time savings can also save money. And the other part is automating a lot of this stuff helps with cash flow. That's a really big part of it, cash flow, because you can make decisions based on [...]

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Building a better world at work | Ben Thompson

We've built a business partner portal on top of Employment Hero, which allows one of our business partners, be they accountants or HR consultants, bookkeepers to manage hundreds of clients, dozens, hopefully thousands of clients through one portal, so you can look in. You can see where every client is at in terms of [...]

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Reducing fraud and improving supplier relationships through digital approval workflows | Martin Peirce

If you control the buying process, then first of all you can knock out the waste, the duplicate purchases, but also you can really control where your people are buying from as well. Today I am speaking with Martin Peirce from Zahara Software. ๏ปฟ Can you share with our [...]

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