Fresh out of the oven, here are your most-clicked articles from the Accounting Apps newsletter during w/c 23.4.23:

I Asked Chat GPT to Describe My Writing Style | (Heather Smith Blog)

Heather used the prompt: “Review and describe my writing style from the following three examples”. She included an email she’d just written, a LinkedIn post from last week, and some copy from her website. Do you want to know ChatGPT’s response? Read on here.

Save Time and Money With Text Message Signing | (Annature

This case study of Back Beach Accounting moving to Annature provides valuable insight on the onboarding and assistance for a business seeking help, especially at a time when they were overwhelmed with a million different product demos. Jack Dixon writes about how Back Beach Accounting found clarity and a signing solution to their documents.

Can the Biggest Scams Be Prevented? | (XBert

The rise of scams is a major concern for bookkeepers and accountants, who have a responsibility to protect their clients’ financial data and ensure their accounts are accurate. Fortunately, there are tools and software available that can help protect against scams and fraud.

What is Business Systemisation? | (

Business systemisation gained notoriety from the bestselling book by Michael E. Gerber, published in 1986. In his “The E-Myth (Entrepreneurial Myth)”, Gerber explains how businesses are usually started by those who know the content of a business – so-called “Technicians”, people who know how to do the technical work involved in an enterprise – rather than by those who know business itself – so-called “Entrepreneurs” – and why start-ups are therefore by definition prone to failing.

How to Reply to Subscriber Demand for Personalisation | (Recurly)

Now more than ever, consumers crave experiences and products that are catered to their preferences. They want to be able to customise everything from the product or service to payment methods to the frequency at which they receive their goods. In the subscription industry, there are innumerable opportunities to allow subscribers to customise their plans, and to stay competitive, subscription businesses must abide by the new demands. Get a sneak peek of the subscriber demand for customisation in Recurly’s State of Subscriptions report.

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