Standing out from the crowd

Standing out from the crowd during the promotion of Learn Small Business Start-Up in 7 Days With the release of my latest book Learn Small Business Start-Up in 7 Days; I'm excited to have a few interviews, editorials and podcasts lined up. I want to establish the smartest way I can leverage book sales from [...]

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6 tips to manage your cash flow

Ensuring you have a steady access to cash in the business is critical for the long term survival of the business. Small business owners are time poor, and with what time they have they focus it on their generating income. Finding the time to look at their numbers can be a balancing act between non [...]

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Co-working space for entrepreneur community – would this benefit you ?

Fishburners [] co-working space for entrepreneur community Founder Institute [] Globalize Silicon Valley by creating and fostering local startup ecosystems in promising markets across the globe PushStart [] – community-focused, mentor driven, activities to help Australia startups StartPad [] - a structured creative environment, business development support, and adaptable, flexible space considered essential to take [...]

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Lodging Payment Summaries electronically

If you can produce an EMPDUPE file through your software, you can use the ATO online ECI, to lodge your payment summaries electronically. First save the EMPDUPE file to your desktop. The process does not like a long file path. Open up Internet Explorer (it won’t work with Google Chrome!). If you do not have [...]

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Venture Capital, Fundraising & Founders – A Silicon Valley Perspective at River City Labs

Today I attended a talk hosted at the River City Labs entitled Venture Capital, Fundraising & Founders - A Silicon Valley Perspective. I have wanted to attend an event at RiverCity Labs for a while so glad I finally got the opportunity. RiverCity Labs is based at level 2, 282 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley. Start-ups [...]

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Brisbane Microsoft Innovation Centre launch

I had the pleasure of joining Brisbane’s who’s who of the start-up and innovation community at the Microsoft Innovation Centre launch on Tuesday May 22nd. The initiative aims to enable and inspire new start-ups in Queensland, ultimately growing the local software ecosystem. With the opening of the Queensland office, the number of Microsoft Innovations Centre’s [...]

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Introduction to the National Business Names Register

A new national business names registration system will commence on 28 May 2012. (I have cut & paste this information from the Office of Fair Trading email I have recently received.) Currently, business names are registered in the state or territory where the business is located and each state and territory keeps its own register. The [...]

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Have you tried out WiseStamp in your email signature?

I have recently started to receive WiseStamp email signatures from colleagues. I think it is essential if you are in business to maintain contact details on your email at all time, both the original email, and the follow up emails. Wisestamp is a free app you can use in your email signature to promote the various sites [...]

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