How hosting a podcast helped this bookkeeper develop active listening skills | Alexi Boyd

"This is the advice we give to all of our clients. Get the business name nailed, get the business name registered under your umbrella or whatever organisations you are, do that super quick, so you don’t lose that. And then immediately go through all the socials and grab all of that name everywhere." – [...]

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How outsourcing can save the world : 5 sites for finding virtual experts

If you’re open to the concept of a virtual outsourcing, and want to find an expert or sell your own expertise here are five online marketplaces you can turn to: Elance: Reportedly you can access over 2 million skilled freelancers and find freelance jobs from around the world. It’s free to join, post jobs, and [...]

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5 Business lessons from Cédric Klapisch film Chinese Puzzle

This is not a movie review; this is a movie write-up so may contain some spoilers — you’ve been warned! Continuing with my theme of attributing business lessons to the plot lines of movies, I’ve taken a deeper look at Chinese Puzzle distributed by Transmission films.  Chinese Puzzle is a French language film following the [...]

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5 reasons why ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ could be considered a tax deductible movie

One of my passions is the movie industry. I’m interested in the creation of movies and who starred where, and who produces what. My favourite actress is Katherine Hepburn, and favourite living actress is Sandra Bullock. My favourite movie is Gone With The Wind. I’m not interested in gossip, and this really detracts from the [...]

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What add-on inventory solution will work with Xero and my small business?

So you're a small business and you want an inventory solution, or you're a consultant or cloud integrator and you need to find a suitable inventory solution for your client. If you're not closely affiliated with a particular solution (which I'm not) you need to look at the options available on the market = time drain! [...]

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Factors that determine the cost of business liability

Business liability insurance is the best form of risk management. Several policies are set to address the different risks a business can suffer from. All these policies are set to manage things like employees or customers insurance, fire damages, theft or insecurities among others.  Geographical location This is one of the factors most businesses need [...]

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8 tips for running a lean startup business

I encourage you to launch and run your business as leanly as possible: bootstrap the business, invest your own funds in the business, live frugally and watch every penny you spend. The less money you spend, the less profit you need to generate to turn your business into a success. The less money you borrow, [...]

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10 Business Trends for 2014 and WIN $100 Officeworks voucher

The fab people at Officeworks have given me a $100 AU Officeworks voucher to give away to a lucky on to find out more details...[This competition is now closed and I'm excited to share with you Ross Dawson selected Grant Steele as the winner. Dawson remarked there were a number of excellent comments. Thank-you [...]

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