Are you in the digital space (web 2.0, mobile or software space) and looking for funding? This @ANZ program may interest you…

I thought you might be interested in the exciting partnership ANZ recently launched with Innvoyz. The ANZ Innovyz START Program is designed to accelerate the growth of start up or initial growth stage businesses ( ) who have innovative, market changing technologies and need access to funding and expertise to grow rapidly. ANZ customers [...]

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SAM (Spa or Salon Account Manager) Beauty Salon Software

I was talking to my hairdresser yesterday and she told me she was moving too a much cheaper POS (point of sale) system called SAM. Have you ever heard of it? You can download a copy here :- I could not find any "Australian" information about this product, and could not ascertain from its website [...]

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Online E-Learning Options

I've been exploring the options for an online delivery tool to enable me to better serve my clients. It may be called many things; a content management delivery tool, an online learning platform, e-learning, e-teaching. I want to be able to offer economical online training solution that is automated, can be started at any point in [...]

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Labelling Inventory – Mnemonics

To easily find inventory in MYOB it is necessary to establish an understandable mnemonic system for labelling the item numbers. E.g. each grouping would be represented by a prefix letter and then further detail.  The numbering needs to be in a logical manner, e.g. like something you would look up in a filing cabinet.   [...]

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