30th Mar Thanks to everyone attending the Lunch and Learn with Accounting Apps sessions. 150 have registered for today’s 12pm AEDT session with LightYear – Intelligent Accounts Payable solution. Then on Thursday we have the financial reporting and analysis solution Fathom join us to showcase their solution. Register here.  Catch up with the ones that we ran last week and while you’re there – subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Last week I attended an eCommerce panel discussion hosted by Bean Ninjas & sponsored by Airwallex. I asked each panellists to share three Apps from their tech stack. Here’s what they shared.

On the latest episode of Cloud Stories Michael Astreiko CEO of Synder joined me to talk about . . .

  • How his own reconciliation pain led them to develop a reconciliation solution for eCommerce businesses, that supports Shopify, Stripe and Square amongst others.
  • The impact has Covid 19 has had on Synder and the clients of your business?
  • How they unpack customer feedback, and focus on developing features that will have an overall big impact for the end user
  • Which Disney character inspired the naming of Synder
  • And as a special bonus conversation we delved into Physics and Maxwell’s equations which form the foundation of classical electromagnetism, classical optics, and electric circuits.

On a personal note I had a bit of a cry on the weekend. I finally booked flights to Sydney to see my Aunt in Aged care. She’s sadly not had a family member visit her since Jan ‘20. Then a new local Covid19 case was announced, and that snowballed into a lockdown, and cancelled travel plans. A kind friend Tamara Lee offered some wise advice ‘It’s ok to have a cry and feel frustrated. Let it all out! Then pick yourself up and make some new plans. I think the one thing Covid has taught us is resilience to deal with constant change and frustration from our very well laid out plans resulting in imperfect results and dealing with constant disappointment. A harder lesson to learn for us perfectionists. But it does make the smaller wins so much more special! Small wins are new big wins!’ I fully support the lockdown, and hope all this content I’m creating and curating to keep my mind off it, is also helping you wherever you are navigating these challenging times. Big wins and Silver Linings.

This afternoon I’m running an immersive discussion session 20 trends changing the world of work and transforming the nature of careers in accountancy. This discussion explores identified trends changing the world of work published in the ACCA Professional Insight’s paper: Careers in Small and Medium Sized Accountancy Practices. Read through them and identify a trend that resonates with you. What is the trend, and how are you taking advantage of it? Is it finding meaning in your work? Is it embracing automation? Or recognising career paths are no longer ladders; they are lattice frames. Understanding and taking advantage of trends can help attract, manage, and develop talent in your practice. Plus, enrich support for your clients.

This topic is introduced in the ACCA Professional Insight’s paper: Careers in Small and Medium Sized Accountancy Practices. Treat it as pre-reading or a resource to accompany the session. Or another option is you can listen to the podcast 20 Trends Changing the World of Work and Transforming the Nature of Careers in Accountancy which you can find on the Cloud Stories podcast on your fav podcast listening device. Register here to attend the session.

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Heather Smith