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Ep.23 Andrew Sims – The Full Suite – organising accounting files in the cloud

Highlights of my conversation with Andrew Sims  Helping accountants achieve a fully cloud-based modern practice Growing a product focused company that evolves with customer needs Zero downtime for conversions to the cloud Subscribe to Episode #23 of Cloud Stories on iTunes: Heather: Can you explain to our listeners what The Full Suite does? [...]

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Ep.22 Steven Shelley – Deputy – business cultural improvements through staff rostering

Highlights of my conversation with Steven Shelley  Zero time theft From solving an internal problem in an aerospace company to launching Deputy Solving staff rostering in over forty countries Global growth and looking for staff Lesson learnt: Build a product specific to a wider audience Subscribe to Episode #22 of Cloud Stories on iTunes: [...]

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Ep.21 David Tuck – Chaser – politely and persistently chasing debts

Highlights of my conversation with David Tuck From accountant to launching and growing a startup SAAS based in London Working with Stripe to provide a global currency gateway The surprises of starting a start-up, when you come from one of the Big4 Working within the Xero – ecosystem Finding a domain name in the [...]

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Mastering Your Day with an Affordable Appointment Scheduling Solution | Ryan Baker

Highlights of my conversation with Ryan Baker Promoting Work Life balance with a 100% remote team Scaling a business: insights from Fairfax, Trade Me group acquisition of previous business. The Microsoft Bizspark programme for early start-ups Increasing brand awareness via word of mouth Developing an internationally accessible pricing strategy Listening to clients, and planning [...]

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Ep.16 David Watson – Fathom – Helping you understand what’s happening in your business and how to improve your business’s performance.

Highlights of my conversation with David Watson Benefits of cloud integration for franchise businesses What you need in place to offer advisory services How cloud technology is disrupting traditional business intelligence Benchmarking for small business owners How to maximise your time at conferences Subscribe to Episode 16 of Cloud Stories on iTunes: Heather:        [...]

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Ep.13 Steven Renwick – transforming an Oxford MBA assignment into a Cloud Credit Control Solution success story

Highlights of my conversation with Steven Renwick Offering cloud credit control and accounts receivable solutions to small business turning Oxford MBA projects into a cloud success story utilising the crowd equity funding platform seedrs to launch Satago partnering with Experian to offer free access to credit data on UK businesses Subscribe to Episode 13 of [...]

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Ep.11 Tejaswi Raghurama – ZapStitch – Growth hacker automating accounting for ecommerce stores

Highlights of my conversation with Tejaswi Raghurama Save 300 administrative hours per month Automates accounting for ecommerce stores Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India Increasing monthly recurring revenue and reducing churn Subscribe to Episode 11 of Cloud Stories on iTunes: Heather:        Hello. It’s Heather Smith here. Thank you for joining me today. I hope [...]

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Ep.10 Hannah McIntyre – Crunchboards – Demystifying the numbers and making analysis, super simple, easy and beautiful

Hannah McIntyre and Amy Harris Crunchboards Highlights of my conversation with Hannah McIntyre Inspiration for launching CrunchBoards The early design of CrunchBoards Working in a global community Business support in Britain Moving from compliance to value add Subscribe to Episode 10 of Cloud Stories on iTunes: Hannah, what did you like to do when [...]

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Ep.9 Cameron Priest – TradeGecko – Kiwi cloud inventory solution calling Singapore home

Cameron Priest CEO and co-founder of TradeGecko Highlights of my conversation with Cameron Priest Singaporean Government fostering a technology hub Global adoption of add-ons Setting up a start-up in Singapore Growing a business with a multi-lingual support Giving clients the “wow factor” during the on-boarding process The Smart Enterprise Software Wave Choosing a currency [...]

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Ep.5 Tom Wallace – Re-Leased – from a family business managing properties to a cloud based property solution

Tom Wallace CEO & co-founder of ReLeased Highlights of my conversation with Tom Wallace New Zealand’s talented tech community Family business managed property – and saw an opportunity Re-Leased - cloud property management solution – what it does Future development plans for Re-Leased Outsourcing tech development The importance of and tips for winning business [...]

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