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Ep.47 Sophie Hossack – Receipt Bank – An English Lit grad thriving

Today on episode 47 of the Cloud Stories podcast I’m talking with Sophie Hossack. Sophie is the Australia Country Manager at Receipt Bank. Receipt Bank is the bookkeeping productivity tool used by 4,000+ accountants and bookkeepers around the world to increase their efficiency. Sophie was one of the first employees at Receipt Bank and has [...]

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Ep.45 Wayne Schmidt – A trailblazer helping accounting and bookkeeping firms to grow, embrace change and drive profitability

Today on episode 45 of the Cloud Stories podcast I’m talking with Wayne Schmidt. Wayne has over 28 years’ experience in the accounting industry spearheading the Australian expansion for Xero, MYOB and Reckon. Wayne is passionate about helping accounting firms to grow, embrace change and drive profitability. Based in Australia, and having worked in [...]

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Ep.44 Jacqui Jones – tempted to templetize for quality and growth?

Today on episode 44 of the Cloud Stories podcast I’m talking with Jacqui Jones the founder of Way We Do, a cloud based standard operating procedures platform. Although Jacqui’s career started in film and TV, she accidently fell into the Internet industry right at the beginning of the Web with Netscape Navigator 1.2. She [...]

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Building a Cloud Banking solution from the Ground Up | Jessica Ellerm

Today on episode 41 of the Cloud Stories podcast I’m talking with Jessica Ellerm who is the Partner Development Manager for Tyro, Australia’s nextgen bank. She is responsible for the rollout of Tyro’s deposit account with Xero and Tyro’s first growth funding solution, launching mid-year. Jessica is also an active commentator in the Fintech [...]

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Ep.40 Matt Wilkinson – Online Marketing for Accountants and Bookkeepers

Today on episode 40 of the Cloud Stories podcast I’m talking with Matt Wilkinson who is the founder and CEO of Bizink. Bizink helps accountants and bookkeepers grow their practices through their websites and online marketing. Matt has worked with accountants since 2010. He has over 15 years’ experience of digital marketing for his own [...]

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Ep.39 Richard Francis – The Perfect Advisory Relationship

Today on episode 39 of the Cloud Stories podcast I’m talking with the Richard Francis who’s the founder of Spotlight Reporting. His company have recently released a whitepaper called The Perfect Advisory Relationship. In today’s show I talk with him about this paper and how advisors and business owners can benefit from monthly advisory [...]

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Ep. 31 Peter Vessenes – ProfitSee

Subscribe to Episode 31 of Cloud Stories on iTunes  Peter Vessenes has served as a high level corporate advisor since 1983. Projects that began with assisting presidents of Fortune 100 companies broadened to include mid-sized corporations, closely held companies, start-ups and capital formation. Peter is a popular platform speaker and a co-author of two [...]

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Ep.28 Guy Pearson – Practice Ignition – Developing an on-boarding & management solution for accounting practices

Subscribe to Episode 28 of Cloud Stories on iTunes  Heather: Guy, who would you like to have coffee with and why? Guy: Wow! I would have said Steve Jobs, but obviously that can’t happen anymore. So, thinking about where we are right now, probably I would say Obama. If you ask why, I [...]

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Ep.26 Marcus Wilson – Surgical Partners – Cloud integration for practice management systems

Heather:                    So Marcus, why did you start Surgical Partners? Marcus:                     I started Surgical Partners to address a gap in the market. There didn’t seem to be any integrator services in the healthcare industry that I could see. There was certainly nothing listed on the Xero site. To be honest, I’ve yet to come across [...]

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Ep.25 David New – Building teams and growing businesses in superfast time!

Highlights of my conversation with David New  Addressing safety and security concerns in cloud-based practice Experiences and challenges in the software solution industry Building brand awareness and credibility His philosophy on achieving work-life balance Subscribe to Episode 25 of Cloud Stories on iTunes Heather:                   What historical figure would you like to have coffee [...]

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