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Ep.34 Dan Schmidt – The Emerging Business CFO

Based Missouri, USA, Dan Schmidt has embraced Xero as the core solution for his clients. Dan likes to solve problems. He helps clients adopt a suite of cloud solutions that improve their daily operation. In the interview he explains how accounting provides a common language in business. The language can assist in effective communication across different business department. I first heard [...]

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Ep.29 Matt Flanagan – BlueHub – helping businesses automating complex business processes

Subscribe to Episode 29 of Cloud Stories on iTunes  Heather: Matt - what actor would play you in a biopic of your life? Matt: What actor would play me in a biopic of my life? Charlie Chaplin. Heather: Oh very good. So does that mean you're a very quiet person? Matt: Oh yes [...]

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Ep.26 Marcus Wilson – Surgical Partners – Cloud integration for practice management systems

Heather:                    So Marcus, why did you start Surgical Partners? Marcus:                     I started Surgical Partners to address a gap in the market. There didn’t seem to be any integrator services in the healthcare industry that I could see. There was certainly nothing listed on the Xero site. To be honest, I’ve yet to come across [...]

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Ep.19 Blake Oliver – Cloudsourced Accounting – One of the first Xero endorsed US bookkeeping and cloud integrators firms

Highlights of my conversation with Blake Oliver One of the first US based bookkeeping firms and cloud integrators to be listed on Xero site Acquisition of Cloudsourced Accounting by Harshman Phillips & Company and in turn offering the whole package: bookkeeping, cloud integration, tax compliance and virtual CFO services An add-on needs to solve [...]

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Ep.7 Dan Fairbairn – Waypoint – the emergence of the cloud integrator

Dan Fairbairn CEO and founder of Waypoint - Discussing the emergence of the cloud integrator   Highlights of my conversation with Dan Fairbairn Rolling out cloud solutions across franchises Analysing and improving business workloads The emergence of the cloud integrator Project pricing Subscribe to Episode 7 of Cloud Stories on iTunes: Heather:       Hello and [...]

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