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I use @CarboniteAU online back-up solution

I just came across a half written diary entry, which I never got around to finishing (see below). Quite amusing, as I am now thanking my lucky stars I made the investment in Carbonite online back-up service. Last Thursday I started my computer, and nothing happened. My hard drive had crashed and I [...]

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Andrew Griffiths Top Ten Business Building Websites via @AGauthor

 Andrew Griffiths recently shared his top ten business building website via his regular newsletter; 1. BNET http://www.bnetau.com.au/ 2. TED http://www.ted.com/ 3. Flying Solo – Micro Business Community http://www.flyingsolo.com.au 4. Entrepreneur.com http://www.entrepreneur.com/ 5. Smart Company http://www.smartcompany.com.au/ 6. Springwise http://www.springwise.com/ 7. Success Magazine http://www.successmagazine.com/ 8. Business Blogs http://businessblogs.co.nz/ 9. Start Up Nation http://www.startupnationbook.com/ 10. The Marketing Profs [...]

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Queensland Payroll Tax

Here is how I suggest you set up the payroll tax in QLD - but don't hold me to it! GoTo SetUp -> General Payroll Information -> SetUp Payroll Tax and enter the fields as I have done below, but of course check the current payroll guidelines. MYOB Payroll Tax Information   CLICK OK -> OK [...]

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WordPress disaster #wordpresschallenge

 I need to focus on my wordpress challenge. I have had a wordpress disaster, which you can read about at the end of this blog post. I am sorting out my shopping cart :- WP Simple Paypal Shopping cart because it is all about selling. I read back over my last posting to refresh myself [...]

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Creating my SHOP in #wordpress

 I just tweeted :- starting my 15 minute wordpress challenge where I try and improve my wordpress site in 15 minutes a day http://www.heather-smith.com.au/  Then @snappysentences tried to distract me, with a function that we are going to tomorrow! LOL I am going to try and set up a shop page. I create a new [...]

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