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An Inventory Nerd Solving Complex Problems with Simple Solutions

Jeri Wambeek co-founder of Which Add On - An inventory nerd solving complex problems with simple solutions.     Heather Smith:             Jeri, let's start with a fun question. What TV show would you like a guest role on and why? Jeri Wambeek:              Okay. Does it have to be a TV show, or can it be [...]

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Building a better world at work

Interview with Ben Thompson CEO Employment Hero  Heather Smith:                  Thank you so much for joining us, Ben, on the Cloud Stories Podcast. Can I start by asking you, who is a historical figure you'd like to have coffee with? Ben Thompson:                Well, I'm about two-thirds of the way through a biography on James Cook. [...]

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Everything you wanted to know about Accounting Apps but did not even know to ask.

Inspired by my talk with Heide Robson on her podcast Tax Talks (episode 167), I’m publishing a series of articles about Accounting Apps. You can listen to the original recording here. What are Accounting App? When I talk about apps, I use the term accounting apps. These are applications that connect to online accounting solutions. If [...]

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Do we need integration specialists to help us to plug all the apps together?

Do we need integration specialists to help us to plug all the apps together, or will apps become better at connecting together without detailed knowledge? It’s probably a hybrid of both. One of the benefits of using a cloud integrator is they've experienced in connecting maybe one two or three apps together. They know the [...]

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Horizontal versus vertical apps

One of the ways people use, to categorise apps is to refer to them as horizontal or vertical. Saying an app is horizontal means we believe it works across most industries. A solution like Receipt Bank, a supplier bills and expense scanning solution, which extracts the information pushes it into your online accounting solution. That typically [...]

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Data accessibility of subscription-based services

When we're talking about subscription-based services, how long is the data accessible?   Once the data pushes into Xero or Receipt Bank, it stays there. You can, even once you cancel your subscription, you have a read-only access of any data that was pushed into Receipt Bank. You can still access it in Receipt Bank [...]

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What is an Application Programming Interface (API) and what does it do?

An Application Programming Interface is a key that unlocks connections. If you have two systems, and if you have an open API between them, it means the connection has been unlocked. They can now talk to one another. The information from the fields can now talk to one another. The information may flow in one [...]

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