Virtual Presentations: How to Sound, Look and Feel Good

I’ve facilitated hundreds of virtual webinar presentations and here are tips I’ve picked up over the years for three areas: Your Voice, Appearance and Technical Set-Up. If you’re a seasoned pro, well maybe you don’t need these, and maybe you have some to share with me, to ensure an optimal experience for attendees. Voice Eat [...]

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Presenting, Storytelling and Communicating for Accountants | Alexandra Bond Burnett

"When I talk about influence and being an influence is about using your powers for good. If you think about the best teacher you ever had at school and someone who made a real difference or managed to describe something and it blew your mind and you went, “Wow.” That’s what I would like [...]

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Speaking : what the audience wants to hear

I asked a group to comment on what aspects of a speakers talk they wanted to see more of. Here are their comments:- Change in voice levels / great projection Confidence Eye contact Passion in their topic Smiles Variety of pace I think it is good to remember what resonates with Joe Public when you [...]

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COSBOA NAB Small Business Summit 2012

I am very excited to be part of a panel discussion on Cash Management in Small Business at the National Small Business Summit. Click through on the hyper links below to find out more information and book your spot! It is less than a month until the peak business event for small business for 2012 The [...]

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Confessions of a Conference Junkie

Here is my slide share presentation that I gave on Tuesday night at the National Speakers Association Queensland branch meeting. A step by step guide of how speakers can use Social Media to connect with visual, auditory and tactile learners, and take your message to a global audience. Confessions of a Conference Junkie View more [...]

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How do you end a great speech?

Can you recall the movies these famous endings are from? Muriel: Goodbye, Porpoise Spit Rhett: Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. Dorothy: Oh, Auntie Em -- there's no place like home! A great ending wraps up the whole story. How can we end a speech? A motivational call to action a question a [...]

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Next South Brisbane ICB Network Meeting

Join Heather to chat about"everything bookkeeping" including topics from the recent Institute of Certified Bookkeepers newsletter in the finer details. Come along to meet new and old friends, share your knowledge, learn from others, enhance your support network in the local area, and be inspired. These meetings are free for members, the only cost to you is [...]

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Please say hello to Robert Gerrish!!!

Every Friday I profile a speaker on my blog and invite them to share their experiences and insights with us. I am delighted to introduce you to a good friend of mine, Robert Gerrish. Robert is one of the founders of the amazing support community Flying Solo, and if you are looking for a credible and [...]

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