Brisbane’s Top Xero Accountants and Bookkeepers

I personally know everyone listed below. They are modern accountants, utilising cutting edge technology, with a comprehensive knowledge of Xero. They provide all the Tax related services that you would expect: Tax Preparation, Personal Tax Planning, Small Business Tax, tax compliance, performance management and reporting, business automation and specialist tax advice. Susan Milicevic CA Strong [...]

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Help! I lost my Xero Menu Bar

Every so often the Xero Menu Bar disappears. I can't help you to make it magically return, but here are some shortcuts you can use to help you keep working in Xero. Dashboard https://go.xero.com/Dashboard/ Reports https://reporting.xero.com Accounts Receivable https://go.xero.com/AccountsReceivable/Search.aspx Accounts Payable https://go.xero.com/AccountsPayable/Search.aspx Payroll https://payroll.xero.com Projects https://go.xero.com/app/projects/ Contacts https://go.xero.com/Contacts/Search/ MyXero https://my.xero.com/

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? Introducing the Xero App Store: Simplifying Small Businesses’ Digital Needs | Nick Houldsworth

Nick Houldsworth Exec GM Ecosystem of Xero joins me on the Cloud Stories podcast and we discuss the launch of the Xero App Store. Initially, Nick explains what the Xero App store is, and the thinking behind it. He shares how the App Store will help match the right app with the right customer, [...]

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Accountants empowering their client base through podcasting | Tim Garth and Dan Osborne

"What we want is for our customers to be able to take the bull by the horns with their own information, their own understanding, and make some decisions, and grow their business." –Tim Garth and Dan Osborne, CATS Accountants. Today I’m speaking with Tim Garth and Dan Osborne co-hosts of Two Drunk Accountants podcast [...]

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Tackling the challenges Accounting Apps face navigating Covid 19 | Nick Houldsworth

I think there's challenges, significant challenges, but any big kind of shift like this also creates opportunities. So, being ready for those opportunities, but also being realistic about some of the challenges that we have to face. And we don't know where we're at in the journey right now. It's kind of like a [...]

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Everything you wanted to know about Accounting Apps but did not even know to ask.

Inspired by my talk with Heide Robson on her podcast Tax Talks (episode 167), I’m publishing a series of articles about Accounting Apps. You can listen to the original recording here. What are Accounting App? When I talk about apps, I use the term accounting apps. These are applications that connect to online accounting solutions. If [...]

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Do we need integration specialists to help us to plug all the apps together?

Do we need integration specialists to help us to plug all the apps together, or will apps become better at connecting together without detailed knowledge? It’s probably a hybrid of both. One of the benefits of using a cloud integrator is they've experienced in connecting maybe one two or three apps together. They know the [...]

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