The benefits of niching and working with a partner programme

I’ve been closely involved with the cloud accountants, bookkeepers and advisors community for the last decade. For many practices, the adoption of technology and automation of compliance has resulted in a significant increase in their client base. To adapt to these developments practices are tinkering with their pricing model, offering advisory services, and focusing on [...]

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Own Tomorrow. What I saw at 2017 MYOB Incite

Incite (definition) to move to action: stir up : spur on : urge on. Merriam Webster Martin McLean of Team Race Bookkkeeping On the first Friday in February I attended the MYOB Incite conference in Brisbane. I registered in early January for the event and then a couple of weeks later a confirmation email [...]

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Xero and Franchises

Xero is the ideal solution for proactive innovative franchise operators. Utilising the same system, you can easily move between different businesses, and take advantage of real time data. Once you've decided to move to Xero, and before the implementation, I suggest you determine a standard method for setting up all files, from the chart of [...]

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IQBOXY v Expensify v AppsForOps v Nexonia v Abukai v Webexpenses

Cloud expense reimbursement solutions that integrate with Xero ... minimise the friction around staff expense claims. When researching a solution the specific requirements I had included: Smart phone access; The direct supervisor needed be notified that the direct subordinate has prepared and submitted expense claims for approval; Restrict unnecessarily accessing to data of other staff; Expense claim [...]

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Education businesses and Xero

There are currently four solutions listed on the Xero marketplace that connect with Xero. Here is some research I did on them. Yes the page has stretched a bit because I used a table - I hope you can read it ok. Wisenet:   Arlo: JobReady:   aXcelerate: Do you have [...]

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Marketplace Platforms and Xero

  If you think of solutions like AirBNB, Uber, Etsy, Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, AirTasker, Fiverr, Lyft, TaskRabbit and Freelancer these businesses run on a MARKETPLACE PLATFORM.  The business that facilitates the marketplace platform OWNS the transaction, not the goods or services sold. So AirBNB does not own accommodation, Uber do not own cars, and Etsy does [...]

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What is a Xero Cloud Service Provider?

As a Xero Cloud Service Provider my objective is to implement an integrated online business platform for the client. An optimal rollout relieves administrative burden, enabling the business to access timely and accurate insights into their operations. As a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) I:- Whiteboard clients business processes. Identify stresses, bottlenecks, repetition and manual intervention. [...]

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Take ownership of your business journey

It’s beneficial for small businesses to hold an annual strategy meeting. On the surface it sounds like a huge undertaking. But if you break it down –it can seem less daunting. A strategy meeting is an opportunity to take time out of the business and reflect on what’s happening in the business, to review internal [...]

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