Xero Cashbook

Here's a short video I made on Xero Cashbook; The general Xero product talked about is the Xero business edition, but there is a lighter cheaper version, called Xero Cashbook. To subscribe to Xero Cashbook you need to be a Xero partner. A business or individual cannot subscribe directly to Xero for their Xero Cashbook [...]

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Analysis of the Xero International Add-On Market Place

Xero add-ons are kind of like apps for your iPhone. The add-ons plugs into Xero extending the functionality of the cloud based business solution. In this simple analysis, I counted the number of available solutions, by both Industry and Category across the counties Xero is offered in. Note: You used to be able to filter [...]

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Save 120 admin hours with ReLeased commercial property management software

Re-Leased is a cloud based commercial property management software that can integrate with Xero the online accounting solution. Commercial property management software is useful for businesses that own a shopping centre, and need to send out monthly invoices to tenants at the shopping centre. Tenancy at a shopping centre is typically associated with a lease agreement. [...]

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Xero for Personal Finances

Yes! You can use Xero cashbooks for your personal finances.  Xero cashbooks has bank feed options, spend and receive money, and has the look and feel of the business version of Xero so it's easy to use! As you would expect it does not include payroll or inventory, or the ability to raise invoices or bills. It does [...]

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Xero & Debtor Daddy

I was interested in trying out a cloud based debtor tracking systems as cash flow is critical for the survival of a small business and chasing outstanding invoices is time consuming and something I least like about running a business. I signed up to the Xero approved add-on debtor tracking solution Debtor Daddy. The whippet [...]

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Xero & MinuteDock

Minute Dock is an online Time Tracking solution Minute Dock is an online Time Tracking solution, that syncs with Xero ideal for those who bill by time .Before using MinuteDock my desk and PC monitor where covered with post-it notes recording time I’d spent with clients.  Invoicing clients ended up being a time consuming process, [...]

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Xero and WooCommerce

An article about my experience with the installation of the Xero for WooCommerce license. I’ve recently had the Xero for WooCommerce license installed on my WordPress website. This enables details of every purchase made on my website to populate Xero, my online accounting system, at warp speed.  I estimate this set-up saves me about 15 minutes a [...]

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ANISE Consulting presents The Hub

GOALS OF “THE HUB” To support the owners of existing small businesses in the local area. To encourage those who aspire to own their own business. To provide a business training ground. To inspire, motivate & challenge.   WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Small business owners Entrepreneurs Micro-business owner MompreneursHome based business operators Young Entrepreneurs WHAT WILL [...]

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