Own Tomorrow. What I saw at 2017 MYOB Incite

Incite (definition) to move to action: stir up : spur on : urge on. Merriam Webster Martin McLean of Team Race Bookkkeeping On the first Friday in February I attended the MYOB Incite conference in Brisbane. I registered in early January for the event and then a couple of weeks later a confirmation email [...]

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Deep diving into Xero’s business performance dashboard

One of those new features Xero has introduced is the Business Performance dashboard. It is a suite of standard and advanced ratios of your business. A first glance the dashboard gave me flashbacks at those ratios I had to learn for the many accounting exams I sat. What do they mean for you? In reality many [...]

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22 Reasons for small businesses to invest in Xero training

If you’re a business operator and Xero is or will be the core accounting solution used in your business, here are twenty two reasons why I think it’s smart to invest in Xero training for your staff in 2016: Training in Xero gives staff the tools & knowledge to be productive Training in Xero ensures [...]

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12 Reasons to invest in Xero training

If you find yourself here reading this – you’ve probably heard about Xero. Xero is a popular online accounting solution used by many businesses in Australia and beyond. As an early adopter, I’ve been training people in how to optimise Xero in their business for many years now (I even wrote the book!). Last year [...]

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VIDEO: 2 hours of Xero Payroll Training free

I've uploaded two hours of Xero Payroll training videos. They are easy to follow yet comprehensive and brimming with information. Topics covered in Setting up Xero Payroll: Australian Users video include: Setting up the Payroll Setting up Employees Setting up PayTemplates Defining Reports Layouts Tracking in Payroll Topics covered in Running a Xero Payroll / Pay Run: Australian [...]

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Training Videos to help you educate and empower the Xero community

I’m excited to let you know I’ve been working with the phenomenal Xero U team – to produce educational videos. Drawing on my inner Steven Spielberg I’ve been writing scripts, recording audio and capturing screen demonstrations. Then I package it up and the extraordinary team at Xero U take my creation and magically tweak it [...]

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How to un-archive a system account in Xero

Setting the scene: My accountant uses SAGE HandiSoft to process my businesses tax. We mapped all the account codes in the business Xero file to the SAGE Handisoft accounts he uses; I exported my data out of Xero and into his solution. Advisor>Export>Sage HandiLedger I use multi-currency which automatically creates 3 accounts:- 497 Bank Revaluations [...]

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Free online video Introduction to Xero Accounting

Hi! You’ve just clicked to watch a 37 minute introduction to Xero for new user’s video that I created. Now the reason why I created this, I’ve just put a little snippet on the front of this video, is because I realized users viewers were not watching the video correctly. To ensure that you view [...]

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How do I deal with partial payment in Xero

What has happened in this scenario is $ 2,000 has perhaps been deposited into the bank account. But the actual invoice in is $ 10,000 - I have received a partial payment of $2000. So what I need to do is apply that $ 2,000 to the $10,000 invoice and reduce that invoice into an [...]

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