How to un-archive a system account in Xero

Setting the scene: My accountant uses SAGE HandiSoft to process my businesses tax. We mapped all the account codes in the business Xero file to the SAGE Handisoft accounts he uses; I exported my data out of Xero and into his solution. Advisor>Export>Sage HandiLedger I use multi-currency which automatically creates 3 accounts:- 497 Bank Revaluations [...]

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I’m a bookkeeper. I’m interested in learning Xero. Where can I start?

  I’m frequently approached by bookkeepers asking me where they should start learning Xero. My suggestion is to block out a short amount of time, every day in your calendar and work your way through the variety of Xero training opportunities available. When I started out I blocked out 15 minutes every day. Who doesn’t [...]

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Tips to optimise working with browsers while using Xero

In this short video I’m going to cover some tips to optimise working with browsers while using Xero. To view this video on high definition on YouTube, click on the gear icon and select 720 P HD. If you find this video useful please like it, subscribe to my YouTube channel and share it with your [...]

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How do I deal with partial payment in Xero

What has happened in this scenario is $ 2,000 has perhaps been deposited into the bank account. But the actual invoice in is $ 10,000 - I have received a partial payment of $2000. So what I need to do is apply that $ 2,000 to the $10,000 invoice and reduce that invoice into an [...]

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Xero video Multiple payments receipted into bank account as a lump sum

Using Xero online accounting software software How to deal with multiple payments received as a single amount in the bank account Jot down total payments and the breakdown of payments Locate the lump payment Select Find & Match Select the matching transaction Select Reconcile button This video covers how to deal with multiple payments received [...]

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Dealing with a payment incorrectly deposited into bank account

Hi!  In this session we’re going to cover how to deal with a payment incorrectly deposited into your business bank account.  So, what has happened in this scenario is money into the bank account and it was a mistake and the money is simply transferred out to the bank account. What needs to happen is [...]

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Save 120 admin hours with ReLeased commercial property management software

Re-Leased is a cloud based commercial property management software that can integrate with Xero the online accounting solution. Commercial property management software is useful for businesses that own a shopping centre, and need to send out monthly invoices to tenants at the shopping centre. Tenancy at a shopping centre is typically associated with a lease agreement. [...]

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