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How outsourcing can save the world : 5 sites for finding virtual experts

If you’re open to the concept of a virtual outsourcing, and want to find an expert or sell your own expertise here are five online marketplaces you can turn to: Elance: Reportedly you can access over 2 million skilled freelancers and find freelance jobs from around the world. It’s free to join, post jobs, and [...]

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Content writing about cloud inventory solutions: TradeGecko

I'm a regular guest on the TradeGecko blog producing intelligent, contemporary articles on inventory, that assist accountants and bookkeepers adopt easy strategies for increasing their income while supporting the inventory function of their client. In addition to writing these articles, I promote them via social media platforms, and drop links into relevant forum conversations. Useable [...]

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VIDEO: 2 hours of Xero Payroll Training free

I've uploaded two hours of Xero Payroll training videos. They are easy to follow yet comprehensive and brimming with information. Topics covered in Setting up Xero Payroll: Australian Users video include: Setting up the Payroll Setting up Employees Setting up PayTemplates Defining Reports Layouts Tracking in Payroll Topics covered in Running a Xero Payroll / Pay Run: Australian [...]

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Inside Small Business – Business Planning edition

My book Learn Small Business Start-up in 7 Days is featured in the business planning themed Autumn 2014 edition of Inside Small Business. I was most grateful for the lovely write-up they gave my book:   and the cherry on the cake, was they also featured an add-on solution I love FathomHQ:     You [...]

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8 tips for running a lean startup business

I encourage you to launch and run your business as leanly as possible: bootstrap the business, invest your own funds in the business, live frugally and watch every penny you spend. The less money you spend, the less profit you need to generate to turn your business into a success. The less money you borrow, [...]

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10 Business Trends for 2014 and WIN $100 Officeworks voucher

The fab people at Officeworks have given me a $100 AU Officeworks voucher to give away to a lucky reader....read on to find out more details...[This competition is now closed and I'm excited to share with you Ross Dawson selected Grant Steele as the winner. Dawson remarked there were a number of excellent comments. Thank-you [...]

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Learning, Unlearning and Relearning

I recall a discussion with a business owner who had worked for a ‘big 4’ accounting consulting firm. She was paid extraordinarily well to tell people how to improve the operations of their own business, and was flabbergasted by how little she actually understood about running a business, and how much she learned during the [...]

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Standing out from the crowd

Standing out from the crowd during the promotion of Learn Small Business Start-Up in 7 Days With the release of my latest book Learn Small Business Start-Up in 7 Days; I'm excited to have a few interviews, editorials and podcasts lined up. I want to establish the smartest way I can leverage book sales from [...]

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Will you be working this weekend?

On my FaceBook page I recently asked: Will you be working this weekend? The responses were: I’m working away .... no time to rest! Well might go for a drink Sunday night .... fingers crossed ... Switch off? Rarely! the flexibility (of being a small business owner) is great but the lack of an off switch is a [...]

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